What's your pleasure?

Need to relax and unwind? You’ll find me to be a warm, playful person to be around.

I plan am visiting New York City June 9-July 1, 2018. My availability is posted on my calendar. For Bondassage or Elysium, there are days when I will be able to host in Manhattan. At the end of June, there will be a few days of hosting in Brooklyn. If you would like to partake of a Muse appointment, you will need to host or suggest an alternative. Can you be seen with me in public? I'm a foodie. Let's eat.

The San Francisco Bay Area is home. You can visit me in Santa Rosa or the Mountain View Area. Additionally, I can meet you to accompany you to an event, restaurant, or salsa club anywhere in the Bay Area.

I also offer fly me to you (flymetoyou) within the United States. If you plan to visit a place and desire my company, or if you want me to visit you in your home city, just say the word.


Do you have reviews?: I have a no-review policy. I am very good at giving you discretion. For example, I can delete your phone number from my phone upon request. Much in the same way, I ask that you be discreet by not reviewing me.

Without reviews, how can I decide whether to see you?: Please browse my website, especially my Blog and the About me page. Then email me. I will get back to you in a timely manner. Then you can decide.

Money: If we are meeting in public, please hand me an unsealed envelope or a gift bag within the first 5 minutes of meeting. If we first meet in private, you can put the envelope or gift bag down on any table or dresser, when you first walk in.

Etiquette: There are no changes or cancellations allowed within the 24-hour window before our appointment. If you do cancel, the fee for the missed appoinement will be due at our 2nd appointment.

What kind of man do you want to meet?: A man who:

1. wants to get to know me

2. wants to feel my hands on him. This is a way of getting to know someone, BTW.




I am available to men of any ethnicity or body type, age 35 or older.


Bondassage, Elysium, or Tantric Massage

During Bondassage, my hands will be on you most of the time. But you will also get sensory play. You will be receiving only, because your wrists and ankles will be tied down. What do you think of that? Hmmm? You will be mine. ALL MINE. I might tinker. I might tickle. I might even take ownership of you. If I do, it will be your lucky day.

Elysium does not have a power dynamic, but you will get tied down nonetheless. The bodywork I give you will be SLOW. The music has no beat, just sounds of nature and the flute, which is sooo relaxing. The key word here is S-L-O-W. There will be little to no talking. Sound good? I thought you would like that part.

While I am trained and certified in Bondassage and Elysium, Tantric Massage is something that I have learned by osmosis, living in Northern California. I use Tantra in my daily life, and I want to share it. Tantric Massage starts out with a few rituals. Then you go down on a massage table to receive a wonderful, langorous massage. There is no bondage because I will do a bit of yogassage with you.

I will be able to host in Manhattan during certain days in June. Please check my calendar and make your appointment now. Same-day appointments will not be possible.

$450-60 min.

$600-90 minutes

$800-2 hours


You have worked hard. You spend a lot of time caring for others. There is much to be thankful for, yet there is a part of you that is not fulfilled. You would like to sit down and really connect with a mature woman. Someone who is not judgmental. Someone who can slow down and smell the roses.

I live for getting to know a fascinating man. The sharing of feelings and viewpoints that we engage in will be just as good for me as it will be for you. Can you be seen in public with me? There is a big, beautiful world out there. I'm a foodie. Let's eat. Make sure that you tell me about any food allergies. If food is not your main interest, tell me what is.

When we are in private, I will show you how I energetically wash away the stress of the outside world from your body and mind. Then you will do the same for me. Here in our private space, I can satisfy my curiosity about what it feels like to put my hands on your chest. You can look into my eyes. Our time together will be memorable.

I enjoy spa treatments for couples. Consider spoiling us. You'll be glad you did.

Remember having a woman who you look forward to seeing? She was a Muse to you. I want to be your new Muse. I want you to think about seeing me the way that a little kid looks forward to Christmas.

I am not in a position to host for this type of appointment. You must host me anywhere in the greater NY/NJ area. With a full deposit for the price of a hotel room, I can make a reservation in my name.

One hour: $800

Two hours: $1200

Half day: $1500

Whole day: $1800





  Santa Rosa Mountain View area or outcall
60 min. $220 $240
90 min. $320


Bondassage, Elysium, or Tantric Massage:

$400-90 min.

$500-2 hours

Muse: Please inquire





Fly me to you

If you are not in the San Francisco Bay Area, consider flying me to you.

You won't be lonely at the end of a long day. While you're working, I will 

wait patiently for you. The footrub alone will be worth it. If you're off

work, let me make your vacation memorable. I have a way of appreciating

my surroundings, making it more fun to be in a new place.


I only travel within the United States. My lifestyle is healthy, so

there will be no surprises.

I know how to dress so as to fit in.

Generally, I charge $4000 for check-in to check-out. If  you

have a different timeframe, let me know and

I will make sure that I meet your needs.


I require a 50% deposit plus round trip airfare

paid by you before I leave. I have paypal or I can receive a

money order. Naturally, lodgings, food, and drink are covered

by you.



Big brown eyes. Passionate about a lot of things. Born and college educated on the East Coast.

I’m 5’2” tall. My weight is 140 lbs. I'm in my 50's. You might say that I have a Mediterranean look. My healthy lifestyle includes plenty of sleep and exercise. I don't do any recreational drugs. Not even marijuana. If I want to alter my consciousness, I do yoga, or spend several hours by a slow-moving river.

I'm a dog person who used to be a cat person. My dog is a dog person too...did I just say that?

I am proud to say that I have visited all 50 states of this great nation. While in college, I lived in Europe for a few years. I speak fluent Spanish. Tengo ganas de conocerte.

In conversation much can be learned from listening, and I’ll often pause before responding, thinking about what’s been said. Not everyone in our culture is used to this pace of conversation, although it is normal in other parts of the world.

I find deep fulfillment in my work. A whole new world opened up to me several years ago when I became a massage artist. I did not understand up until then that touch is as necessary to all of us as food and water (almost). Life is beautiful when you have deep connections with people. It takes work to establish and develop these connections.

Working on the West Coast, I have been able to access training that allows me to be more open and non-judgmental. When a seeker asks me for something that wasn't planned, I think about it. If it doesn't cross any boundaries, I agree to it. Because of my flexibility, a healing element has blossomed during this sacred, shared time.

If you would like to surprise me with something to drink, please make it a kombucha, any flavor.


Contact Me

As a first step, I need one form of verification:

-2 provider references or 

-a picture of your ID with everything but your name blacked out and either your work email, work phone number, or social media profile.

Please also make sure that I get your cell number. I won't call without permission. Of course, any and all information you provide is absolutely confidential.

For an appointment, please email with the above information.

If you would like a Bondassage, Elysium, or Tantric Massage appointment, email me at:


If you would like a Muse appointment, email me at:


I am providing my phone number so that you will have it on the day that we meet. Please make your appointment using email.

(707) 280-9598

References: if you have seen me and would like to use me as a reference, please give me a heads-up before giving out my name.






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