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Mountain View sensual massage, Mountain View Bondassage

What's your pleasure?

Need to relax and unwind? You’ll find me to be warm and welcoming for a variety of adventures.

My location is the San Francisco Bay Area, where I offer incall in 4 locations: Santa Rosa, South San Jose, San Francisco, and the lower peninsula. It is my pleasure to do an outcall anywhere in the Bay Area.

Are you curious about giving up control to two Dominant women? Danika Monclair and I can make it happen for you in a Bondassage® session.  We enjoy teaching you how to be obedient. After we've had our fun, you will have yours, tied down on our massage table. Outcall anywhere in the Bay Area or incall in South San Jose. $800 for 90 minutes.


As an under the radar practitioner, this is how I feel about reviews. When contemplating making an appointment, it is important that you base your decision to see me purely on the content of this website and any communication that you have with me. If you need to be reassured that I am professional, I can understand. I have reviews on TER, but they are fiction, written for entertainment purposes. My TER ID is 218735. Here is a link:


"You don't show your face"
I need discretion as much as you do, so I don't show my face. But I assure you that my face matches my body. If you meet me and do not want the appointment because you are not pleased with my looks, you can turn me away. This has never happened in 5 years.


I am available to men and women of any race or orientation, who are over the age of 35. I see couples for double my rate.


FBSM (Full body Sensual Massage) is an art form that combines therapeutic strokes with touch that has a sensual intention. It can be meditative or even transformative.

During our time together, we’ll communicate intuitively through touch rather than strictly verbally. You will enjoy my bodywork training. And I will explain to you why your prostate likes to be massaged.

  Santa Rosa & SF: South Bay/Peninsula:
60 Minutes $220 $240
90 Minutes $320 $340
2 Hours $400 $440

Authentic Companionship:

You work hard and take good care of your family, but your life is not complete. You want to be appreciated. You crave a mature woman who is comfortable in her own skin, who will listen to you and get to know the real you.

Connecting deeply with another human being makes all of life's frustrations worth the effort. You are a man and I am a woman. Let's feel the joy that we can give each other. What does authentic mean? All that I tell you is the truth. In exchange, I ask that you be your real self.

90 Minutes $400
2 Hours $500
Hour Dinner Date, 4 hours $700
All day sightseeing & Cuddling in Private $1500



Bondassage® and Elysium®

During Bondassage, my hands will be on you. But you will also get sensory play. You will be receiving only because your wrists and ankles will be tied down. What do you think of that? Hmmm? You will be mine. ALL MINE. I might tinker. I might tickle. I might even take ownership of you, if you're lucky.

Elysium does not have a power dynamic, but you will get tied down nonetheless. The bodywork I give you will be SLOW. The music has no beat, just sounds of nature and the flute. So relaxing. There will be no talking, until the flip, when we will play red lite, green lite.

$400-90 min.

$500=2 hours


Big brown eyes. Curves that will make you dream of me. Varied life experiences. College educated on the East Coast.

I’m 5’2” tall and weigh 140 lbs., with an all-natural 36A bust. I'm 52 years old. My healthy lifestyle includes plenty of sleep and exercise.

I am proud to say that I have visited all 50 states of this great nation. While in college, I lived in Europe for a few years. Visiting places, whether nearby or far away, is fascinating to me.

In conversation much can be learned from listening, and I’ll often pause before responding, thinking about what’s been said. Not everyone in our culture is used to this pace of conversation, although it is normal in other parts of the world.

I find deep fulfillment in my work. A whole new world opened up to me several years ago when I became a Sensual Massage Artist. I did not understand up until then that touch is as necessary to all of us as food and water (almost).

When a seeker asks me for something that wasn't planned, I think about it. If it doesn't cross any boundaries, I agree to it. Because of my flexibility, a healing element has blossomed in these sessions.

If you would like to bring me something to drink, please make it a kombucha, any flavor.


Contact Me

As a first step, I need one form of verification: provider references or verifiable work information. Please also make sure that I get your cell number. I won't call without permission. Of course, any and all information you provide is absolutely confidential.

For an appointment, please call or email with the above information.

If you would like a FBSM, Bondassage, or Elysium appointment, email me at:

If you would like a companionship appointment, email me at:

Phone number:

(707) 280-9598

References: if you have seen me and would like to use me as a reference, please give me a heads-up before giving out my name. A text would be best.