What's your pleasure?

Need to relax and unwind? You’ll find me to be a warm, playful person to be around.The San Francisco Bay Area is home.

Busy as a bee describes my daily routine, eg. work-outs at the gym, reading, visiting the farmer's market. Let's not forget lunch with my wicked girlfriends. Because of my busy life, I am only available with advanced notice. Please keep this in mind when you request an appointment.

Now that you're here, browse and get to know me. You will like what you see. You will like me even more when we meet.

Regarding reviews: I offer you the utmost in confidentiality. In exchange, I ask of you that you not publish any public reviews of me. I do appreciate referrals!







I am available to men of any ethnicity or body type, age 35 or older.


All torches are burning to bring lite to the winter days and evenings. A warm welcome awaits you. The music is perfect. Once you are down on my table, there is no need for smalltalk. There is no need for anything except the present moment. Your mind clears. As the minutes go by, you feel really good. Do you know why? Because you’re not “on.”

While I am not a CMT, I have been trained in bodywork. Put yourself in my hands.

If you would like me to do an outcall, please add $100. I am not able to bring a massage table, so if you don't have one, I will bring yoga mats to put on the floor.

  Santa Rosa Everywhere Else
60 min. $220 $240
90 min. $320




Remember that special lady...you could be yourself with her. As time went by, you discovered that she was trustworthy. You looked forward to seeing her very much. She was a muse to you, a person who inspires you. I am that lady. 

What I propose is that we spend some time together. Dining, perhaps sightseeing or attending an event. I love to visit art museums. And of course: private time. Please let me know your timeframe in advance. Availability is on a Friday or Saturday, in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. I ask-$1500.

If I have already met you, we can have a sleepover-$3,500


Bondassage & Elysium

Bondassage is an introduction to BDSM. Elysium does not have a Dominant element. Bondassage is your chance to get bossed around. There is bondage and a blindfold in both treatments. Someone recently asked me: "What is the point of letting you tie me down?" I am so glad for the question. For some people, it's about giving up control. This can be a thrilling feeling.

Both appointments include sensation play and massage. Most of us have not explored sensation play since Kindergarten, but there are reasons to do so. Let's say I run a feather from your forehead, down your body, to your toes. You must feel the feather. How do you think that will feel for you? Hmmm...the only way to find out for sure is to try it.

$500 - 2 Hours  /  $400 - 90 Minutes


Social time:

I can accompany you to a gathering or place such as a restaurant. If you have already met me, It deepens our connection to spend time together, enjoying the better things in life. If you have not met me, you will be reassured when you look into my eyes.

Social time can be added onto an appointment for $100 per hour.

 Born, raised, and college educated on the East Coast. Happy to live in a part of the country where salt does not eat the bottom-side of my car.

I’m 5’2” tall. My weight is 140 lbs. I'm in my 50"s. You might say that I have a Mediterranean look. I shave my underarms and legs, and trim everything else. No cosmetic surgery for me, thank you very much. I have brown eyes. My healthy lifestyle includes plenty of sleep and exercise. I don't do any recreational drugs. Not even marijuana. If I want to alter my consciousness, I know better ways to do it. Care to join me?

I am proud to say that I have visited all 50 states of this great nation. As a young woman, I lived in Europe for a few years. It was fascinating to learn languages and learn how people live there.

In conversation much can be learned from listening, and I’ll often pause before responding, thinking about what’s been said. Not everyone in our culture is used to this pace of conversation, although it is normal in other parts of the world.

I find deep fulfillment in my work. Working on the West Coast, I have been able to access training that allows me to be more open and non-judgmental. When a seeker asks me for something that wasn't planned, I think about it. If it doesn't cross any boundaries, I agree to it. Because of my flexibility, a healing element has blossomed during this sacred time.

If you would like to surprise me with something to drink, please make it a kombucha, any flavor.


Contact Me

As a first step, I need one form of verification:

-2 provider references, or 

-a picture of your ID with everything but your name blacked out and either your:

     work email or

     work phone number

     social media profile

I also need your cell number. I won't call without permission. Of course, any and all information you provide is absolutely confidential.

For a massage appointment, use the email below:



For a Muse appointment, email me at:


Phone: I am no longer publishing my phone number. If you would like to get ahold of me, please email me. Once an appointment is confirmed, I will give you my phone number.

References: if you have seen me and would like to use me as a reference, make sure that you give me a heads-up before giving out my name.








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